A Tale about a Tiger

A Tale About a Tiger

A Tale About a Tiger

A Tale About a Tiger

Private investigator Lydia Chin infiltrates New York’s Chinatown to stop a dealer in valuable, and illegally obtained, animal parts–the sexual organ of the male tiger, to be exact–believed to have miraculous powers in the mysterious world of Chinese medicine. The tiger, in danger of becoming extinct, is revered by the Chinese people. And Lydia Chin will do her best to stop the criminals in question.


October 2009
Crippen & Landru Publishers
ISBN-13: 9781932009903
available in hardback, paperback, audio

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FILM AT ELEVEN, pp 9‑41   ( orig pub: Deadly Allies II, ed. Randisi & Dunlap, Doubleday 1994 )
HOOPS, pp 42‑74   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
SEEING THE MOON, pp 75‑93   ( orig pub: On a Raven’s Wing, ed. Kaminsky, Harper 2009 )
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A TALE ABOUT A TIGER, pp 144‑186   ( orig pub: Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, 1998 )
CHILDHOOD, pp 187‑213   ( orig available online: MightyWords 2000 )
DOUBLE-CROSSING DELANCEY, pp 214‑240   ( orig pub: Mystery Street, ed. Randisi, Signet 2001 )
ISBN: 978-1-932009-90-3; Trade pbk; Crippen & Landru (Oct 2009)


“This is old-fashioned story-telling at its best. Interesting and involving tales from some of the masters of mysteries.”
-Michael Connelly, author of Blood Work