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Action scenes, action scenes, oh how I hate action scenes

I’m close to the end of my new Mongolia-set thriller.  I’ve got my six bad guys and five good guys all in the same place.  Now come the big confrontations, battles, deaths, heroic sacrifices, and finally the revelations of What It’s All Been About.

To do this I have to start separating these eleven people into small groups and showing each little confrontation, battle, death, and heroic sacrifice.  Otherwise it’s just one big confusing shoot-out with the reader waiting for the dust to clear.

Right now I’m working on two good guys and two bad guys on a hillside.  The bad guys have more guns but the good guys have more brains.  There’s a lot of climbing around on rocks.  Shooting, hitting, shooting, missing.  I think someone’s about to cut someone’s throat.  I hope so, because there are seven people to go and the author has a deadline here!