Bella has a breakthrough

For those of you anxiously awaiting a Bella the cat update, here it is. As all Bella fans know, when she first got here she spent two days under the bed before she was willing even to sneak out and eat when I wasn’t home. Well, last night for the first time, she slept on it. The bed, I mean. While I was in it. In the last couple of weeks she’s taken to jumping up on the bed to say goodnight; then she jumps off and goes and sleeps wherever it is she sleeps. Once or twice she’s settled down for about ten minutes before leaving. Last night, she never left. I woke up twice to find her just where she’d settled. She’s a prodigious sleeper, the kind of cat who contrives to weigh fifty pounds and be made of solid lumber when she wants to be. Last night was like having a marble cat sculpture on the mattress until her usual half-an-hour-after-sunrise announcement that books don’t write themselves while writers sleep.

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