Because I’m nuts

Tuesday, down to my sister’s in Philly for a second-night Passover seder. Ten people and a puppy. Seder went on and on — midnight bedtime, much later than usual! Food was great, though, as were Talmudic discussions. Stayed over, hung out in the morning, drove back — okay, JL drove, I sat — to Staten Island, waited for the ferry (which was unbelievably crowded with tourists, this being vacation week), ran home, jumped in the shower, ran up to Juilliard for piano class (no, I do NOT play, thank you, this is piano literature, not performance) and then after class played an hour an a half of basketball. Home at 9:30, another shower, late supper, fell into bed, fell asleep — and was woken up by Bella an hour later, very excited because she’d caught her second mouse.

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