Holy Cow! I forgot all about the floating fruit!

fruit basket in the river

You may remember the floating fruit caption contest, especially if you entered. I’m glad you remember, because I didn’t. But finally, here they are, the winners:

The gold goes to: ed king, for “Lifeboat: the Vegetarian Edition.”

The silver, to: Michael, for “Moses? Moses! Come out from under those grapefruit, right now!”

The bronze, to: Judy, for “There goes my New Year’s diet.”

And a four-way tie for honorable mention among:

Sal Towse and Kat Trompe for “Life of Pie.”

Marjorie of Connecticut for “If we can make it to Florida with the currents, we can just blend in with the rest of them. They’ll never find us then.”

and JL for “Fruit of the Foam.”

ed, Michael, and Judy, send me your mailing address (even if you think I already have it) and you’ll get a copy of my short story collection, A TALE ABOUT A TIGER. Thank you all, and watch this space for another contest soon.

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