Great day yesterday

If you happen to be both a jock and a geek. Walked to the gym in the splendid early sunlight. Spent the morning playing basketball (won two, tied one, lost one). Walked back in the warm light of noon, showered, ate lunch reading a book. Walked over to the Skirball Theater for a Beijing Opera. The White Snake, new to me. I’ve seen a lot of Beijing Opera, some of it done by this same company, Qi Shu Fang, and I think this was the best production I’ve ever seen. Great seat, too — no one in front of me! Walked back in the late afternoon, gathered some stuff, and up to an anniversary dinner of two of my best buddies who got married last year. Other best buddies also in attendance. Yummy food, good company. Subwayed home on subways that claimed to not be running well, except, somehow, for the one I was on, which chugged back downtown and left me right where I needed to be. Sometimes little things just work out.

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