Different kind of Bird Bash

The Bird Bash is Penguin’s annual party for book bloggers at BEA. It’s BEA weekend, so there are publishing world parties everywhere. Ran into Reed Farrel Coleman, in fact, on his way to a different party as I was on my way to Penguin’s. At the Bird Bash, hung with Lyndsay Faye, whom I adore, and met Elizabeth Gilbert of EAT PRAY LOVE. Liked her right away: she was eating. Also spoke briefly with Sue Grafton. She’s Guest of Honor at Bouchercon this year and I’m doing the GoH interview. I warned her to look out because I was digging deep into her past, but it was an empty threat. She’s so classy that I don’t think I’ll find any creepy-crawlies no matter how many rocks I turn over.

Best part was hanging with the crew from Blue Rider, Sam Cabot’s Penguin imprint. Leave us just say that Sam feels right at home with Blue Rider. There was someone at the party dressed up as a penguin. For reals. The crew from Blue Rider and I had our photo taken with the penguin. If it surfaces I’ll post it for you.

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