As I knew would happen eventually, a pair of carpenters are as we speak in the backyard, ripping apart the fence for the purpose of repairs. It was leaning badly and would likely not have survived the winter, possibly not even another couple of summer storms. The leaning had pulled the cladding away from the structure, and that opening is what allowed Squirrely and Squeeze access, so they could relocate the fallen nest inside it. The young squirrels played tag in and out of that fence all spring. If it were mine I’d have left it until it fell, but it for sure would have fallen. So it’s being tended to, no doubt to the consternation of the squirrel population. The good news is, whoever gets to stay here through the winter — which will be up to whomever is the dominant female, though it will be the male who builds the nest — has now plenty of time to choose a new piece of real estate. In other news, the black squirrel, who I believe to be responsible for at least one of the young ‘uns, was seen sneaking into the backyard from the street at the front of the building two days ago. He does seem to know the clandestine route through the fire exit. Once the carpenters are gone, I wonder what intrigue will occur?

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