Sam Cabot’s early reviews

A couple of early reviews in on BLOOD OF THE LAMB. These are excerpts from longer reviews, but Sam didn’t want to overwhelm this blog with, you know, too many words.

From Publishers Weekly:

Audacious supernatural religious thriller. This… concept sets the book apart from… Da Vinci Code imitations. But the deeper secret may strike many readers as too over-the- top.

And two from early readers on Goodreads.


Blood of the Lamb’s prose is orders of magnitude better than The Da Vinci Code, and not at all plodding like I found The Historian. I’m not much into supernatural, but I loved this book. The supernatural is there, but not the drive-you-under-your-bed-scared sort of thing. It’s just a part of the story. There is much to consider while reading Blood of the Lamb, and much after you’ve finished. Whether you think it’s your kind of book, you owe it to yourself to at least start it to see how well it’s written and how incredibly not like other vampire books it is.


My first instinct while deciding on how to begin my review was definitely to state loud and clearly that this novel is very controversial! It’s a The Da Vinci Code meets Underworld, revolving around fictional religious matter and use of creative liberty that is bound to offend some.

That aside, I really enjoyed this book. I was enraptured by the numerous twists and turns throughout the book. There was liberal use of multiple points of view, which sometimes I read a little too quickly, desperate to get back to the main story, but I understand to have successfully added suspense and mystery. I was shocked by the ending, and found many of the twists to be unpredictable, something I must commend its writers on. I found this a well balanced and highly enjoyable book and may very well read it again!

Gotta tell you, Sam loves this. He loves “over-the-top,” he loves “orders of magnitude better” and he especially loves “controversial.” Can’t wait to find out what you guys think.

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