Last day in Assisi

Always bittersweet. All the places I meant to get to but didn’t, or only got to once and never went back; on the other hand, new places, or old places visited with much more frequency, like the little cafe on the edge of the cliff whose tiny garden has a breathtaking view of the valley. In past years we went there once or twice. This year my pal Shoup and I went there almost every day, to discuss issues of vast importance to the world at large. Or, other issues. Lots of cappuccino had, and gelato and Pane di San Francesco which luckily for me is not available in NYC. And if it is, please don’t tell me about it. A couple of concerts attended, plus a procession and half an early morning mass. Lots and lots of long walks in lots and lots of heat. And of course, classes. Good batch of students this year, some serious work getting done. All in all, well worth coming, and although lots of good/interesting/unpredictable/exciting stuff will happen between now and then, already looking forward to next year.

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