Closing up the Rancho

Last weekend was our final one at Rancho Obsesso this season. As always with the Rancho, we can’t say for sure we’ll be back in the same house next year — depends a little on us, but mostly on the landlord, who might sell the place, decide they need it themselves, or suddenly demand some silly amount of money. But generally we do go back, at least for four or five years until one of the above happens. So it’s an odd feeling. You have to say goodbye and let go, because it’s certainly the end of the season and might be forever. On the other hand, you might be back on the same chair in the same yard in what always seems like a very few months. So you can’t make a big fuss about goodbye.

So we didn’t. We had a quiet weekend, saw some friends, took final swims and final bike rides, and watched the geese circling, practicing for their own departure. Said good luck to the squirrels hiding their acorns and the twin fawns chomping our lilies. Ate the last of the local corn and raspberries. And so I leave you with the sunrise.

rancho summer 2013

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