In which Bella the Cat catches a mouse because of the free BLOOD OF THE LAMB bonus content

Yes, by golly, it’s true. I had a basketball game this morning and a busy day ahead, so when I woke at 5:45 I thought, why not get up? I wanted to do a number of things, chief among which was to post about the free BLOOD OF THE LAMB bonus material, which won’t be free much longer and I don’t want you guys to miss it.

Bella got up when I did; being the saintly cat she is, she never gets up before me. She just stays peacefully sleeping, quiet as a mouse.

Apparently, 1) I have actual mice and 2) they know that. The mouse that Bella saw scurry across the kitchen was as shocked to see her at 5:45 as she was to see it. But she was faster. Pounce! Yup. Mouse in mouth. Now what? Unfortunately, or perhaps for the mouse, fortunately, Bella doesn’t know the next step. She put it down. It ran. She smacked it, grabbed it up. Put it down. It ran. Smack, grab. The next time she put it down I was ready with my Disney World shopping bag (true dat; cracked myself up) and the mouse ran inside. 5:45 in the am, in my pj’s, I’m taking the damn mouse down the block and letting it go in the park. If it comes back, I’ll tell you now, it’s on its own.

So download that free content. A mouse nearly gave its life for it.

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