And speaking of Evil Neighbors

This isn’t about squirrels, it’s about NYU. You might think NYU is a university. It is, and a damn good one, too. But it’s also a real-estate gobbling monster. In their Manifest Destiny building schemes they’ve already smashed to dust some of the old Greenwich Village, including a house Edgar Allen Poe once lived in. Now they want more. In a multi-year so-called “development” plan they intend to devour a good deal of this neighborhood. The good news is, there’s an organization spearheaded by NYU faculty out to stop this self-aggrandizing destruction. To raise funds for legal challenges they’ve put together a Save the Village auction and boy are there some goodies in it. An acting lesson from Philip Seymour Hoffman! Lunch with Bill Moyers! An evening at Susan Sarandon’s ping-pong club! (What?) All these people have donated in solidarity with this effort. And me, too! The link here is to the page with my books on it, but if you find something way cooler than those to bid on, I won’t object.

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