Snow, and some noir holiday gifts

It’s snowing here in NYC! Lovely, just at twilight, soft flakes sifting down to sit on leaves and branches, but melting as soon as they hit the sidewalks and street.

Snow, like rain, can mellow NYC or make it more noir, depending on the kind of day you’ve had. If your day makes you long to give noir-ish holiday gifts, here are a couple of doozies.

Akashic Boooks is selling the all-borough, five-volume New York Noir set for the bargain price of $50, that’s fifty bucks, about a third off the usual price so snap ’em up.

If you’re so completely noir-minded that you absolutely need the whole entire set — every Noir series book published up to January 2014 — you can have that for $500. That’s 60 books for $500, PLUS you get a signed copy of USA NOIR thrown in. So go ahead if you’re flush this year, endow your local library.

And, because I’ve been told my 2014 NYC calendar is kind of noir, though I didn’t mean it that way, I’m suggesting it here, too. Or you could get all cheerful and buy my 2014 accordion calendar. Unless you think accordions are noir; which, when played by the French, they can be.

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