Further to the BSI

To Laraine’s question in the comments about women being invested in the BSI, B.G. Ritts is correct: though the group was founded by men, women have been members for quite some time. In fact, by-law (3) states that special meetings may be called at any time or any place by any one of three members, two of whom shall constitute a quorum. Qualification A of this by-law goes on to require that “If said two are of opposite sexes, they shall use care in selecting the place of meeting, to avoid misinterpretation (or interpretation either, for that matter).” There are also Sherlockian groups of and for women.

The Scions are a different matter. A Scion is a local Sherlockian Society and they set themselves up however they want. A Scion, the rules state, can be formed by any two Sherlockians with a bottle of scotch; if necessary, the second Sherlockian can be dispensed with. Some of the Scions, I’m told, are all male. But could they really be having all that much fun, without us?

Jan Burke, Dana Cameron (my evil twin) and me relaxing in the Asian Wing at the Met.

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