I’m an Irregular!

I got invested! I’m a Baker Street Irregular! I’m totally astounded — did nothing to deserve it, but there it is. Tonight was the Annual Baker Street Irregulars banquet. I’ve been going the past few years, invited by Les Klinger. (Thank you, Les!) You need to be invited to the banquet by an invested Irregular, but going — even for years — doesn’t mean you’re going to be made an Irregular. That decision is made at the highest BSI levels. I’ve never been that much of a Sherlockian, so I didn’t necessarily expect ever to be invested, I just enjoy the Sherlockians and the banquet. Well, imagine my surprise. When you’re invested, they give you a name: a person, place, or thing from the Holmes canon. Me? I’m The Imperial Palace of Peking! Is that the coolest thing ever?

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