Contest! Contest! Contest!

As you no doubt know, and if you don’t, you do now, Sam Cabot, who is me and Carlos Dews, has a new book coming out in August. Yes, he/we does/do. SKIN OF THE WOLF is a paranormal novel set in NYC, involving art, Native Americans, rich people, and a brutal murder at Sotheby’s. Oh, and vampires, known as Noantri, whom you may have met in Sam’s BLOOD OF THE LAMB. Plus… Others.

Now, if you haven’t read BLOOD OF THE LAMB yet, how come? But lucky you, it’ll be out in paperback in July, so you can catch up before you read SKIN OF THE WOLF.


Or maybe you can read SKIN OF THE WOLF right now.

In honor of the upcoming launch we here at SJR HQ are having a contest. In fact, three contests. With two winners each. The prizes will be ARCs — Advance Reader’s Copies, for those of you who don’t speak jargon — and a little math reveals that that means we have half a dozen ARCs to give out.

So here’s the deal: there’s a photo here, and one on my Facebook personal page, and one on my Facebook author page. (To enter on the author page you have to hit “Like” if you haven’t already.) The photos are different. You can enter all three places and you can enter as many times as you like. How do you enter? You caption the photographs. The vast staff here at SJR HQ will pick two winners for each photo based on criteria only we understand, or maybe we don’t. The winners get ARCs, and all you need to do is promise to review it once you’ve read it. On Goodreads, on Amazon, on your own blog, wherever good reviews are sold. Got it? Go to!


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