River and gym report

The Hudson, at least downtown where I am, is ice-covered all the way to the middle. I’ve never seen this before. At the turn of the last century the river used to freeze solid and people would walk across it to New Jersey, just for an outing. Today — 7F with a -10F windchill — it’s covered with ice floes, but nothing you could stand on. Still impressive as all hell, and beautiful, all that white and gray ice under a bright blue sky. Some of the ferries are running; I understand the tugboats are being used to cut channels to the ferry docks. Well, it’s not like we have icebreakers down here. I don’t know where the ducks and geese are, except the buffleheads. They’re happily fishing at the edge of the ice. This must remind them of home.

Meanwhile, up at the gym, equally impressive if less beautiful is the repair work where the geyser was. Unfortunately they’ve covered all the glass that gives onto the space. I think they should let us watch. Think how educational it would be for the kids. But as for the work itself, the next morning after the flood they were completely open. To get to the offices, studios, and women’s locker room they’ve had to lay down a path against the wall in one of the basketball courts. You can still play half-court, but the guys who play squash are screwed until it’s all fixed. That’s supposed to be early next week, though. Good job all around, I say.

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