Clarifying on the US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Israel has always claimed Jerusalem was its capital; this is not new. The Knesset meets there, government is centered there.

It has also always accepted foreign embassies being based in Tel Aviv because the situation of Jerusalem is so precarious. No one but hardline Israelis and their hardline American Jewish supporters — like Jared Kushner — was ever pressing for the US to move the embassy. Because everyone could see what that would mean: more death, more hate, and the hardening of positions on both sides.

Kushner’s self-satisfied, self-righteous, and self-centered Judaism is not mine, and not the Judaism of anyone I know.

The people behind this evil move would do well to remember the story of the rabbi who, in a vision, was afforded a glimpse of the afterlife. His students crowded around him. “What is the punishment in the afterlife for the sins of youth?”

“There is no punishment for the sins of youth.”

“None? And what is the punishment for the sin of breaking the Laws?”

“There is no punishment for the sin of breaking the Laws.”

“There is not? And what — ”

“My students, in the afterlife, there is punishment for one sin and one sin only.”

“What sin is that?” the students cried.

And he told them, “False piety.”


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