Welcoming our new International Conspiracy partner!

Dark Shadows Air is pleased to announce the addition of Antifa Airlines to our group. Now local and international travel for mercenary mayhem is easier than ever before! With Antifa Airlines joining Dark Shadows Air, as well as land partners Underground Railways and Good Trouble Bus Lines, and sea-going Red October Cruises, International Conspiracy proudly offers outside agitators a broad choice of travel modes and destinations. You will earn valuable Revolutionary Rewards points for each trip you take. These points are redeemable at any of our travel partners, and at participating church basement sleeping quarters and vegan meal stops.*

*Masks are required on all trips and at all destinations. Regulations on black uniforms and soup cans in luggage vary. Check your carrier.

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  1. 2nd Greta says:

    When I book my trip, can I take my friend 3rd Greta? She’s a virtual friend, so she won’t take up much space..

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