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Accordion Calendar!

Finally, the 2017 Accordion Calendar is here!

Sorry, I had technical issues, which I’m still having, hence the url to copy and not a link to click:


And don’t forget the New York and Assisi calendars, too.

NYC: http://www.lulu.com/shop/sj-rozan/new-york-city-2017/calendar/product-22963350.html

ASSISI: http://www.lulu.com/shop/sj-rozan/art-workshop-international-assisi-italy-2017/calendar/product-22963386.html

Proceeds to Planned Parenthood.


The 2017 SJ Rozan Calendars are here!

For your gift-buying pleasure, including, of course, gifts for yourself.  They’re not quite all here (kind of like me) — Accordions to come, give me a few days.  But

New York City is here



Assisi is here.

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And please note: Proceeds this year go to Planned Parenthood. So, buy away!

The return of the haiku

The haiku have been on hiatus (no, I couldn’t resist that line, would you have?) but now that we’re in for a long, dark time, I feel the need to write them again. So they’re back, now with photos.

Bright windless morning
Gulls cry, loud in the quiet
Sun glints on ripples

Hawk slides across moon
Circles up on rising drafts
A black speck, then gone

Patrol boat churns past
White wake rises, fades again
Glassy water shines




Hunter’s Moon and the Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday, Oct. 16, the Hunter’s Moon rose over NYC. The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon after the Harvest Moon, which is the one closest to the fall equinox. The Hunter’s Moon is also called the Blood Moon, and this year it rose big and red. A bunch of us, led by the indomitable Keith Michael, wanted to see it from the Brooklyn Bridge, so we did.


Strolling over the bridge in sunset.



Just taking photos.



Just taking more photos.



Cables at sunset.



Cables after sunset.



Manhattan gets pastel at dusk…



…and colorful after dark.



Finally, the Hunter’s Moon.



It rises through the cables of the Manhattan Bridge, in the distance.



The higher it goes, the more color it loses.



In the cables, it looks doubled.



Then the Man in the Moon just looks confused.



Finally, peering into other peoples’ windows through the reflections in their glass, we head off the bridge and home.




9/11, sunset



For the moment, a happy story

After these guys retire, it won’t be so happy, but maybe there’s someone young waiting in the wings to be trained for this job?

I Love New York

A restaurant called Caliente Cab Company, which has been on the corner of Bleecker and Sixth for decades, has a giant foaming Margarita in a golden cup on its facade. Apparently the Margarita has recently been attracting pigeons. Management has installed a robotic owl to scare them away. Apparently it doesn’t work.

I love New York.


I love New York

Best sight on the subway today. The rings, the bling, the hat, the shades, and the Rubik’s Cube. He didn’t put it down all the way uptown. I love New York.


I love New York

Plumbers in and out for days. Latino guys, one speaks a little English, one almost none. I speak just enough Spanish to follow along. Little-English guy explains to no-English guy what he wants to do, in Spanish of course. Gets a confused look. Re-explains, and to check that no-English guy gets it, he asks him, “Capice?”

“Capice?” I ask.

“Sí, like the Mafia, I ask him does he capice.” Little-English guy presses his finger to the side of his nose.

No-English guy presses his finger to the side of his nose, too, nods solemnly.

I do the same.

I love New York.

Snowzilla, the aftermath

Went out this morning early, in the bright sun. Lots of dogs and photogs: the day was absolutely gorgeous.


Car waits to be dug out

Wheeling the bike back into the garage (after she flopped into the snow to flatten a path)

Another bike to come back for

Be a while before this pile melts

Down by the river (Carlos Dews, this one’s for you)

This isn’t usually a pool, it’s a small inlet with a bridge over it about three feet above the water

Scrollwork on the back of my bench

Why I couldn’t sit on my bench this morning

Car, somewhere in there

Snow on low wall, against high wall

Grace is everywhere