Knuckleheads and Wildlife Refuges

There’s really only one response to Bundy and his herd of asshats occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon.





  1. Susan Law says:

    You said it!

  2. Marge Rudman says:

    Yes! Love the picture. Turns the gun advocates’ slogan around to “I support the right to arm bears” So, all these white folks want the government to let them do whatever they want to with the land the the federal government helped their ancestors take away from the Indians in the first place. The logging, mining, and livestock grazing would destroy our heritage in very short order. It’s already bad enough that we’ve displaced people in the first place.
    Notice how brave they were to show up heavily armed and occupy an empty building. Who needs satire with folks like this around?
    One shudders to think of the uproar if they were Muslims or a minority group.

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