New Year’s Eve Greeting (trigger warning: politics involved; if you don’t like it, go read someone else’s blog


Got this from a writer friend who prefers to remain anonymous. No, I’m not being coy, I didn’t write it.  Wish I had!  Have a good New Year’s Eve, see you on the other side.


Undeck the halls!

Pack up those balls,

And haul the tree away.

Take down the lights

From rooftop heights.

Unhitch that Santa sleigh.


No candle glow.

No mistletoe.

The yule log’s burned to ash.

Reread your cards,

Note fond regards,

Then throw them in the trash.


The old year ends

With gobsmacked friends

Still moaning in the aisles.

A know-naught tweeting petulant

Will soon become our President

And somewhere James Buchanan* sits and smiles.


*Currently ranked as our worst President ever



  1. She may be surprised at how far her greeting is traveling. I wish I had her talent, in so many ways! Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. matthew baugh says:


    Yes, it is a good year for Buchanan, and probably Harding and Andrew Johnson too. Not really for the rest of us, though. 🙁

  3. Smile… smile, show no fear!
    Watch a child… hear the waters,,
    Warm wind, melting!

    Smile, show no emotion.
    Watch a child, fields lay barren!
    Where once was bounty! !

    Smile no more… anger,
    My child, protect and nourish,
    I’m responsible!

    My heart is heavy…. should we as a people have to fight for the protection and safety of our children, our land? So many unknowns ahead!

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