New Dining Spot Opens in Far West Village

Multispecies Dining and Entertainment, Extremely Ltd., headquartered at Rancho Obsesso on Long Island’s North Fork, has opened an outpost in a leafy backyard near Washington Street in Manhattan. Appropriately dubbed the Fire Escape CafĂ© (“Where the Tweet and the Fleet Meet”) this casually intimate eatery features easy access and a limited but well-prepared menu served in a wittily re-purposed frying pan. The proprietor is eager to please and the security staff is assiduous but unobtrusive. No reservations; we recommend arriving early, as once the day’s offerings are gone the proprietor pulls down the shade and the security staff takes a well-deserved rest.

Early morning diner


Patron waits for entry


Security staff in the break room





  1. Margaret R Ryan says:

    You are a riot! Save some seeds for me.

  2. SJ Rozan says:

    We have put some aside. Thank you for the compliment. — F E C Staff

  3. Michael. says:

    I agree. You are a riot!

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