One day to go in the year. One degree F, with windchill, at the river this morning. One dogwalker. One jogger. One bag lady, though she was bundled in three coats. One other person, like me, just walking. One seagull overhead.

Never have I seen my neighborhood so empty. The weather (it snowed yesterday), a lot of people taking this week off, and the fact that it’s Sunday, have combined for the winter quiet of an actual village, not the usual bustle of Greenwich Village. You could park a Mack truck on my block, even if you aren’t good at parking Mack trucks.

In this kind of sunny quiet I can feel hope for the future riding on the wind. So, despite all the disappointments of the past year, I send you all good wishes for 2018. Be kind, be productive, and #Resist!

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  1. Joan Walsh says:

    Yes. I love that you are political, in addition to being a wonderful mystery writer. I love Lydia, and Bill too. Having read the first five books, I look forward to the remaining six and wish there were more!

    One question: By book 5, after going through Jan., March, Oct., July (year 2?), and May (year 3?) our protagonists seem to still be 28 and 41, and their relationship doesn’t seem to progress much either, though it’s very strong. I’m getting the sense that time isn’t advancing through the series, i.e., that events are not sequential. Is that right? I love the books anyway; it’s just a little disorienting. Thanks, and I hope you’ll write more of these books!

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